Conflict management & Participatory processes

Social conflict managment.
Participatory processes

The large experience of human teams of both consultancy companies PANGEA CONSULTORES SL and eWATER CONSULTANT SL, their synergies and theirjointed capabilities offer some significant potentialities. In the field of social management of projects and actions on the territory,and the relationships man-man and man-environment, anticipating conflicts andadequate management of them are key points for the success ofsustainability goals.

ARAUCARIA, Latinamerica

Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Panamá, Perú, República Dominicana y Venezuela
1998-2003El Programa Araucaria es el instrumento de la Cooperación Española para la conservación de la biodiversidad y el desarrollo sostenible en Iberoamérica.It begun in 1998 as a part of the commitment held by Spain applying the agreement released from the Earth Summit in Río de Janeiro, 1992, and took into account the values, targets, goals and priorities adopted in the Understanding on Biologic Diversity with the aim of reach a real impact on the  preservation of biodiversity in Iberoamerica.

 Albufera de Valencia (ES)

Public participatory process in the Studies and Implementation of the Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of l’Albufera de Valencia.

Management and leadership of the social and institutional participatory processes for the studies and Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Albufera de Valencia Natural Park and Ramsar site. Theprocesses were lead for the Ministry of Environment by mean of the creation of working groups, forums, stakeholders implication and panel of experts. Also co-financing agreements were negotiated and signed.applyi
ng the agreement released frm the Earth Summit in Río de Janeiro, 1992, and took into account the values, targets, goals and priorities adopted in the Understanding on Biologic Diversity with the aim of reach a real impact on the preservation of biodiversity in Iberoamerica.

Participative panel of experts

ZEMBRA (Tunisia)


Participatory Management Plan in Zembra National Park

Participatory management plan, conducted in the marine zone of Zembra / Zembretta National Park (Tunisia)





Public participatory process for the Turia River Fluvial Park in Valencia

Amongst the other environmental actions in the FEDER Program of the Jucar River Water Authority (Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar), the Turia River Fluvial Park Project was carried out.

An intense public participation processs has been promoted, facilitated and directed, including the creation of a negotiating table, stakeholders assembly, social actors and experts working groups and finnally the agreement for a cofinancing, before the declaration of Natural Park.

Forum involving around 50 members





Conformation of a Public-private alliance for a co-development project in Ecuador

Vila-marxant dam (Spain)

Public participatory process for Vila-marxant dam project

Valencia, 2004-2006

A complex Public Participatory Process for Vilamarxant dam Project was leaded and facilitated, for ACUAMED, the 100% State owned agency in charge. Working groups, stakeholders’ forum, workshops, seminars, and media information were carried out as well as the final report for the Ministry of Environment.

Reserve of the Strait

Andalucía (España) y Marruecos



Junta de Andalucía – RENPA (Andalucian Natural Protected Spaces Network).


Entente and Management Plan for the Intercontinental Reserve of the Biosphere of the Mediterranean Strait.

Estrecho del Mediterráneo.

Public-Private Alliance for the Development

Acobamba (Peru),2009-2010


Formulation and participatory validation of a proposal for the development of Acobamba province, Huancavelica, in such axes as:

I-   Education,
II-  Economic production and microcredits
III- Infrastructures adn comunications,
IV- Governance and institutional strengthening
V-  Water, Environment and Territorial policies,
VI- Gender.
The Alliance was integrated by 3 companies and 4 NGO

Transboundary River Flood Management

Zagreb (Croatia), 2011



Managing of the Workshop on Floods and related projects in the context of transboundary issues in Balcan area. Specially oriented to all Stakeholders as Authorities, Institutions, NGOs and Social Agents

Transboundary water conflicts


Tehran (Iran), 2012




Managing and lecturing for a Workshop on Floods and Hydroelectric projects, in the context of transboundary conflicts. Specially oriented to all Stakeholders as Authorities, Institutions, NGOs and Social Agents.

Water Observatory at basin level (Algeria)
Water Resource Ministry




Participation as international experts in the Institutional Workshop for the kick off of the First Water Observaroty in Algeria at Basin level.Oriented to authorities and institucional agents.

Yaboti Reserve agreement (Argentina)



Negotiation between involved parts of the conflict and lauch of a Multicultural Public-Private Alliance or the Sustainable Development of “lote 8” of Yaboti Biosphere Reserve.
This alliance was stablished involving Misiones Government (Argentina), World Land Trust Fund., the company Mocona SA, and the three indigenous guaraní communities of Tekoá Ymá, kapy’i Ybaté and Itá o Mirí. Participation as facilitator of negotiation process.

Stakeholders participation in Monteria Dam Project (Peru)




Direction of social studies and participatory workshops with stakeholders as affected communities, institutions, etc … since the conception stage in Monteria Dam and Reservoir Project (Chiclayo).




46980 Paterna – Valencia (Spain)


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